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Do you love to cook, but need fresh ideas? Do you like to cook but only if you have plenty of time, or on special occasions? Or…
do you avoid the kitchen at all costs?  Let’s resolve each of these questions while having tons of fun!

Love'n the Kitchen is proud to be the only cooking school in Arizona, exclusively sponsored by SubZero-Wolf. We feature state of the art, professional equipment and a talented staff. We are happy to offer a classes in SubZero-Wolf's Showroom Kitchen in Scottsdale! Classes are taught via live demonstration, with plenty of interaction and time for questions. You will leave with the recipes and inspiration to re-create the dishes for those you love. Your friends and family will taste the time, attention and love that you feel for them by what you serve.

Welcome to Love in the Kitchen.

Our Spring Classes are now Here!

We are also Booking Private Parties
and Custom Classes!

Call for more information on Classes,
Private Events,
or Joining or Starting a Cooking Club.

We look forward to seeing you in the Kitchen!


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Food to warm the hearts of those you love!
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